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Doming Resin UV UV Doming Resin Clear

Doming Resin UV UV Doming Resin Clear

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Material: UV Doming Resin

Usage: Permanent marking of stainless steel, brass, aluminium, titanium, tin nickel and more.

Cutter: Laserable

UV Dome III is a clear, flexible dome coating that cures on exposure to long wave (365nm), of UV light. The coating has a high dome profile and is scratch resistant, springs back when dented and is designed to adhere to most surfaces

How to use instructions:

  • Apply coating to substrate and let resin run to edges
  • Use tool to ensure resin covers entire surface
  • Use flame to remove and trapped air bubbles
  • Cure resin under UV light source
  • Note: Curing time 15 Secs - 55 mins depending on light system

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