Over the past decade, Innovative Plastics has compiled an extensive core of over 350 stock productes, readily available to meet the needs of today's signage and engraving industries with quality, service, innovation and an uncompromising commitment to providing the perfect solution for any project requirement. 

At Kendall Engraving Supplies we hold in stock the majority of the IPI laminate range, however products not currently held in stock by either Kendall Engraving Supplies (or in some cases IPI) can be sourced if required (some minimum quantity requirements may apply)

The following details are your quick guide through the unequaled selection of colours, styles and application capabilities.  It details materials for rotary engraving and IPI's five innovative series for laser engraving.  There are easy to use reference charts which will help you readily find the proper item and stock number for your needs.





Traditional Series -

Primary Colours
covering a wide spectrum of the engraving industry's most popular colours in a Matte Finsh for interior use.

Interior  Front
Designer Series -

Euro Colours
including new and exciting colours, from subtle to elegant, chosen in accordance with emerging trends in today's design industry.

Interior Front
Isochromatic Series -

Pastel Colours
that are soft and subtle with expertly matched cores to greatly expand your design horizons.

Interior Front
Architectural Series -

Stone Finish
with the classic beauty of nature's most durable stones, carefully recreated for a truly grand appearance.
Interior  Front 
Corporate Series -

Wood Finish
with realistic, high-fidelity wood patterns, to add a distinctive touch to even the most exclusive environments.
Interior Front 
High Tech Series -
Metal Finish
with a dazzling variety of finishes, including Mirrored - a super glossy finish with no texture - that truly reflects elegance.  Perfect for trophy and plaque engravers.
Interior  Front
Hardwear Series -
Metallic Finished
plastic you don't have to handle with kid gloves!  Unsurpassed durability and scratch resistance; great for silkscreening and hot-stamping.
Interior  Front 
Exterior Series -

Hardwear Technology
plus total UV stability.  Hardwear Plus is the most durable micro-surface material in the industry. 
Exterior  Front

Exterior Series -
Primary Exterior Colours are a durable, UV stable exterior grade front surface engraving material. Exterior  Front
Reverse engravable
with a multi layer acrylic blend for reverse subsurface engraving. 
Exterior Reverse 
Brushed Satins -
Brushed Finish
, now with the .005 advantage for greatly improved fine-line engraving without sacrificing durability. 
Interior Front 
Spotlite Series-
Nightlites Glows incorporate a non-radioactive chemical light source in a flexible plastic substrate that glows in total darkness after exposure to light. 
Interior Front / Reverse 
Spotlite Series -
shine brightly in the dark when light hits them, like a bicycle reflector.  Interior or exterior use.  Rotary engravable, or vector cut with a laser or carbide cutter.
Exterior  Front
Attention Grabber Series -
Eye-catching materials
for engraving, silkscreening, hot stamping or vinyl lettering.  Perfect for warning, directional, product merchandising or specialty signage. 
Exterior Front