At Kendall Engraving Supplies Limited, we get some great feedback from our customers.  Listed below are just a few of them.  We are happy to provide details of customers you can contact to find out about the service we provide.

We purchased a 50 watt Universal Laser engraver from Kendall Engraving Supplies in 2005.  I am an acrylic trophy supplier to many of the Engravers and Trophy suppliers throughout New Zealand.  As a wholesaler, I get to see many lasers that my customers have and have come out of it convinced that we made theight choice.  It has run consistently and accurately to the stage where we are now cutting 18mm acrylic when required.  It also gives a stunning finish on large area engraving.

But I think that the thing that has made the biggest difference is the back up sales, service and support that we have received from Steve and Nikki.  Steve has a stunning understanding of CorelDraw and has been able to help us through many of those frustrating little hiccups which occur when you are doing new things.  Since we brought the laser, we have only used small amounts of consumables and parts, and the service has still been great.  When from time to time we have required spare parts, Steve has had all the common ones in stock and to us the next day.  This has meant the minimum of down time.  I believe that Universal Lasers are worth the extra initial cost in the way they give a consistently good results year after year.  They require minimal maintenance and cleaning.  We will be looking at a second machine hopefully within the next 12 months. 

To sum up, a brilliant machine backed up by knowledgeable and willing service, support and parts.  I have been very impressed and if you are looking for a laser I hope you will remember Steve and Nikki and their Universal Lasers. 

Andrew Cozens
Acrylics Plus Ltd

A couple of years ago I was setting up a new business and needed to be able to individually personalise products. I found Kendall Engraving and was immediately impressed with the knowledge and friendly advise I received from Steve, I have also been extremely happy with the ongoing help and support from both Steve and Nikki. I originally purchased a versa laser engraver and as our business has diversified and grown we found we had a need for a second engraver – naturally I called Steve and our 2nd engraver was set up and running in no time........

Bruce Turner

At Victoria University Architecture & Design School we have up to 1300 students studying and nearly all of them will use laser cutters for their modeling projects at some time.  We have three laser machines to keep up with demand and they’re running pretty much all day every day during the week and often at night as well. Consequently with such a large number of different users (largely unsupervised) the laser machines receive varying degrees of misuse on a daily basis.  We’ve found our Universal Lasers to be exceptionally resilient and reliable – especially considering the demanding environment they are subjected to. However things do go wrong and that’s when I get on the phone to Steve at Kendall Engraving Supplies.  Often operational problems can be remedied by being talked through a series of steps – otherwise mechanical faults will be diagnosed and the new parts are only ever a day or two away. Steve has always been able to instruct by phone how to fit any new replacement parts.  Steve and Nikki’s continuing backup service has been very important for us here over the last 5 years – they’re an essential part of our laser cutting operations and we thoroughly recommend them.  Because we train so many students to operate the laser machines by themselves, we have developed written resources and a robust booking system which we would be happy to share with other educational users.

Phil Nelson
Modelmaking/CadCam Technician
Faculty of Architecture & Design
Victoria University of Wellington